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About Us

tags4crew went live on 6th June 2008. It replaced the website previously run by

If you don't see the design you're looking for, contact-us & we'll get it online for you.

About Them

tags4crew is the clever incarnation of a few ordinary flight crew. They got together one summers' day in the Flight Tavern to enjoy a pint or two of the amber nectar and decided to make a website. Luckily they already had successful aviation websites so they had a bit of know how to start tags4crew.

Their teeth were cut on websites such as,, and Put all those together and we reckon they've got one cool web-store for airline crews?!

Amongst other things, they've been making lanyards for nine years and hand-producing quality crewtags since 2005. They've supplied individuals and airlines alike. No order is too BIG or too small for the nice guys at tags4crew!

We hope you enjoy your visit and find something your looking for today - if not, email them and we know they'll see if they can help!