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Here at tags4crew, we are dedicated to quality & value4money.
When it comes to posting your tags to you this is no different either!

We only charge the exact postage, as per UK's Royal Mail rates*

Unfortunately, the UK's Royal Mail service has no limit to its greed and on 1st January 2021 raised its prices for the third time in a year, selfishly blaming the 'pandemic' as an excuse. Within the UK we have no other alternative when it comes to choosing a delivery provider - in other words the Royal Mail has a very unfair monopoly on letter delivery within the UK. To highlight this, the price of a First Class stamp in 2005 (when we first started sending our orders) was 30p, this is now 85p!! That's nearly a 200% increase in 15 years. We've charged the same price for our crew tags (£4.50 each) since 2005 and until last year we offered free postage to anywhere in the world. Ultimately, Royal Mail's greed means we can no longer afford to do that. But, our promise* to you is that we'll only ever charge you exactly what we pay for postage.
So whether you're in London, England or London Canada, you can be sure of a great deal at tags4crew!

*Postage Promise: if your order is posted from another country (other than the UK) and the postage is cheaper, we will automatically refund you the difference.

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